Minggu, 28 Desember 2014

Her Bad-Temper -___-

For my Ekoman’s task, I have to cooperate with several people who have different characteristics. Back then, we have done our fieldtrip to Banjarsari’s Village and our report. But, we still have a lot of revisions because actually only 2-3 people who had done this report. All of us only gave them raw datas and they have to complete it. So here we are, we have to do this task again.
The problem is, in my group we have a person who has a bed temper and it’s so annoying. Yesterday I already asked them about our revisions, but they do not responsed me. And now, she is so annoying with keeping complaining about her duty. Yes, we dividing this task in order to complete it faster before deadline.
I know she is so busy with her exams, but not only her who has exam. If only she’s doing this task then she’ll finish it. Easy, right? More she complaining then more it’ll be difficult.
Moreover, does she know that she’s not doing any important job for our task until now? She must be aware of it!
I can’t understand with people who have this character -_____-