Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

Syalalala ~

Hi, everybody :)
I’m back again huahaha
Nothing’s special, but tonite I wanna write something about my parents a.k.a my heroes! Yeheeettt!!
I think everything that I want then my parents would buy it for me. Seriously. Example, tablet. I just said, if only I have it then I will easier to study wherever I am. Firstly, I wanna buy it with my own money, my saving. But, suddenly I had a problem which needed money. So, I told my parents that I couldn’t buy it because I have an urgent thing. Then, my father called me and asked me, “how much the tablet’s price?”
And, BUM! He said that he will buy it for me. So, I went to the electronic store (Jambu Dua) with my friend. Surprisingly, the one that I want more expensive than the one that I told my daddy. Plus I couldn’t sell my old smartphone because I didn’t have my smartphone’s box. I left it in Medan.
Finally, I bought that tablet with my saving and my daddy’s money kekeke ~
Moreover, when I ask for shoes, bags, or clothes then my parents will buy it for me. I feel it's happening since I have to study in Bogor. I’m happy XXXX
My sister too. She’s more affectionate now. Back then she was so introvert and had a difficult to show her love for us, her family.
Sometimes I’m happy that I’m in Bogor, so my family will realize how precious my present in that home kekeke *so narcissism*
Yeah, that’s my story. Sincerely.